Message from Dr. Brown

I should have started doing teledermatology long ago! Especially in a state the size of Alaska. I’ve connected with and treated patients from Cooper Landing, Fairbanks, and Savoonga in the last couple of weeks.  I appreciate all the feedback and understanding of our patients! Sure there have been some hang ups in getting some people on board with using technology, but overall telemedicine visits have been going smoothly. I have been able to diagnose and treat eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, fungal infections, rashes due to allergic reactions, hair loss, melasma, infantile hemangiomas, warts, molluscum, and more. Unfortunately, I can’t do procedures like freezing warts but I am able to prescribe alternative treatments including oral and topical medications.

What are some key components of a teledermatology visit with Dr. Brown?

A key component to the visit is having patients send photos via our HIPAA compliant portal of rashes or concerning lesions prior to the visit since it’s very hard to assess areas close up using video. With the photos I can assess which lesions can wait a few months to be examined and which should be examined in clinic more urgently to rule out skin cancer. Having a good internet connection, a functioning webcam on your phone or computer, and familiarizing yourself with it prior to the visit are also important. It is really a very easy process!

I have no doubt teledermatology will continue to be offered by our clinic long after the COVID-19 threat.

Thank you for your understanding and support, Alaska!

Dr. Gina Brown