Allergy Baby

Kid Allergies: What to Look for and How To Treat

Allergies in children can come in many forms, not just coughing and sneezing. Skin allergies are annoying and come in several forms. Consulting a Pediatric Dermatologist at Alaska Family Dermatology will help to quickly alleviate pain and discomfort. Below are some common allergies associated with children and some tips to deal with symptoms that come along.

Enviromental Irritants

  • Dry air
  • Sweating
  • Certain soaps and detergents
  • Foods like eggs, nuts, cow milk, wheat, soy, and seafood, but only sometimes

Environmental Irritants can vary based on region. Local Dermatologists are the best in diagnosing this type of allergy.

Hives/ Swelling

Itchy patches and red bumps on the skin are Hives. They can be short-lasting or appear for hours, coming and going over days.


  • Medication, antibiotics
  • Insects
  • Foods (sensitivity to seafood, nuts, eggs, milk, etc)
  • Latex
  • Pets
  • & more


What causes Eczema is unknown. A combination of genes and environmental conditions are known to develop eczema. It is common if your child has asthma, food allergies, or hay fever or they are common within the family.

Symptoms can include:

  • Red rash
  • Skin scratches that lead to itching
  • Repeat skin issues due to scratching
  • Dry skin