Anchorage Daily News: Protect Alaska — Gina Brown, MD and Other Medical Professionals Stand Together

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Physicians take oaths and covenants that are the basis of their profession. Dr. Gina Brown, MD, and physicians in Alaska are committed to providing only scientifically sound and extensively substantiated curative and preventative medical care.

Dr. Gina Brown, MD, and many other respected and reputable Medical Professionals are a feature in this article by the Anchorage Daily News – “We’re doing our best to protect Alaska. But we can’t do it alone”.

We stand with the other Medical Professionals mentioned in the article and encourage all individuals to consult their personal Medical Professionals regarding information around COVID-19. Anchorage Family Dermatology along with the Medical Professionals in the above article agree with the only globally validated and FDA-approved method to reliably reduce the risk of severe disease, disability, and death from COVID-19 is to get vaccinated.

Dr. Gina Brown, our Staff and Families look forward to moving past this crisis in our community and beyond.

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