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How Does the Patch Test work

Patch testing allows Alaska Family Dermatology to test for up to 80 skin allergies to determine if your rash is caused by an allergen that comes in contact with your skin.  We test using the North American Core 80 Series, which is the most popular baseline series & recommended by the American Contact Dermatitis Society.  In addition, we utilize an allergen panel that is specific to pediatric patients  The patch testing process involves three visits over a week and assists in identifying causative agent(s) that cause allergic contact dermatitis.   There is no pain associated with patch testing because unlike scratch tests, there are no needles used when the patches are being applied.  Call us today to schedule an appointment!

What Allergies can the test identify?

The patch test can help us identify a variety of skin allergies including:

  • Fragrance Allergies
  • Household Product Allergies
  • Detergent Allergies
  • Soap Allergies
  • Metals Allergies
  • Adhesive Allergies

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