Alaska Family Dermatology
Teledermatology Patient Instructions

Thank you for signing up for a teledermatology visit! We aim to make the experience go as smoothly as possible for you Prior to your teledermatology visit

  1. You will need to sign up for our patient portal, Onpatient. Our staff will assist you with this prior to your visit. You will sign consent forms, enter insurance information, receive the video link for the Zoom meeting with Dr. Brown, and receive any handouts and typed recommendations from Dr. Brown via the patient portal. We will walk you through the process on the phone if necessary.
  2. Our staff will call you prior to your visit to collect some initial history and make sure you are set up for the live HIPAA compliant video communication with Dr. Brown at the time of your appointment.

How to upload photos and send as a message within the patient portal (Onpatient)

  1. If you have not yet signed onto the patient portal you will need to get an invitation. This will be sent when you schedule your teledermatology appointment. Our team will contact you prior to the appointment to walk you through the steps needed to get onto the patient portal.
  2. Take photos of the rash, skin lesion(s), nails, etc. using the guidelines listed below using your phone.
  3. Go to on your phone (we recommend this over using the Onpatient app)
  4. Go to Messages and click on “Send Message”
  5. Enter Recipient: Dr. Gina Brown
  6. Enter subject (You must enter some text before message can be sent).
  7. Enter message (Any details you would like us to know). You have to enter some text before the message can be sent.
  8. In the Attachment box click the center of the box and then select “Photo Library”. Select a quality photo that you have already taken. Unfortunately only one photo can be sent with each message, so each photo will need to be sent in a separate message.

Preparing for the live visit via video with Dr. Brown

  1. You will need to download the Zoom app if using Zoom on your cell phone. If you have a poor internet connection you may want to use your phone Wireless LTE and not your internet connection. You do not need to create a zoom account. Just click on join a meeting and enter the meeting I.D.
  2. You will receive the zoom meeting link in your messages in the Onpatient patient portal.
  3. Please plan to do the visit in a well-lit room. Please choose a room with a closed door if you would like to keep your health information private (Not a coffee shop! Not that you could be in one anyhow!). Also, you should only have family members present in the visit who you are comfortable sharing your health information with.

Tips for taking quality clinical photographs

  1. Watch the YouTube video: How to take helpful clinical photos
  2. Avoid taking the photo yourself. If possible, have someone else take the photos.
  3. Experiment with the flash. It can help eliminate shadows but can cause whiteout.
  4. Stand in front of a solid color background
  5. Soft indirect lighting is best. Try to avoid shadows. If outdoors try to find a well lit evenly shaded area if sunny.
  6. Include several different views: wide (shows entire body or obvious region), medium (includes area involved) and close up photos(choose macro option if possible).
  7. Don’t alter the original images in any way (no editing apps)
  8. Please make sure that the photos are not blurry.